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ООО Biokorm Int. S.L. 

Our company, located in Barcelona, is working in the Russian market since 2012. We work in veterinarian market abd representing spanish veterinarian laboratories. We are specialized in veterinarian medicines for large animals, and we are working to in Bielorrusia, Kazajastan and Ukraine. 


We have 9 products registered in this area and we are working through a distributer in Russia. The products that we are working are premix protected, powder soluble, injections and liquids. This products are antibiotics, coccidiostatics, multivtamins and hepatoprotectors.. At the same time we are increasing the number of registration products each year. 


We are a young company with a little representation in Moscow., but the team has more than 20 years expirience in this market for vet products. 

We are developping too a new line of products with our own mark with products os first quality produced in Europe from factories with GMP certification. This project will start to work with the products registered in first quater next year. 

We are looking for 2 veterinarians with experience on the field for this 2 projects. 

Have to be experts in this market, capable to developpe each project. In the first one, we want to increase the volume of sales that we have now, and in the second project we have to developpe from the be beginning. Our idea is to have a team in near future in this area, not only Russia, Bielorrusia and Kazajastan too. The creation of the team will be founded according to the candidate that can collaborate with us. 

The contact is with the General Director directly. The candidates have to speak english very fluently. I need to receive the CV in english.  

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